Los Lolos                 

  • (Vanesa Castro & Iñaki López)


    Los Lolos are a multidisciplinary artistic group created in 2003. They would like to define themselves as producers and cultural agitators. They produce video-art and multimedia contents. They also have several projects related to music:  Los Gru (audiovisual group), Dio3Stu (lab and bending workshop circuit), and others related to performance as Lolos group.

    Los Lolos  are a choir that focus their activity on fostering enjoyment and collective euphoria. They incorporate songs and mass attitudes such as sports, politic or religion. Private Clubs and ideologies are rejected.

    Los Lolos  won the Gente Joven festival (Barcelona 2009) and participated in the FEA festival (Barcelona) with a 15 people choir. They also made an installation with their artistic work and audiovisual documents in the Alterarte Gallery. (Ourense University). Los lolos also won Novos Valores prize with the work “Los Lolos MegaMix” (Pontevedra Diputacion, 2008). “Los Lolos 23F galego” was another piece that got a mention in the VI Premio Auditorio de Galicia.