Denys Blacker                 

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    Denys Blacker, born in London 1961. M.A. in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Chelsea School of Art, London 1985. Since 1984 she has presented her performance works in England , Spain , Canada , France , Greenland, Holland , Scotland and Germany . Recent pieces are: 2010 Parallel Worlds – The Pacific, Neutral Ground Gallery, Regina Canada , 2009 Soka Tira, Festival Chamalle X, Pontevedra, Spain  Tira y Afloja, Festival AcciónMAD Madrid , Spain .Other Selected works; 2008, Samhain, Live Art Development Agency, London with The Wolf in the Winter, Time is, Time was, Time is past at  La Muga Caula IV Festival, Les Escaules, Spain, 2007 La Cascara Fragmentada at the Cerco-acción festival, Zarragoza, Spain  and 2006 The Fine Line con The Wolf in the Winter, The South London Gallery London England. She is also a member of the international performance group The Wolf in the Winter.

    In 2002 she founded Gresol Association  a non profit cultural organisation and contemporary art library with Anet van de Elzen.