Karim Kharbaoui                 

  • Karim is a visual artist that describes himself as a citizen of the world in perpetual search for spiritual wealth. He is close to several disciplines such as video art, installation, performance art and urban art. Karim is also a member of groups of artists situated in France sucha as Alma, United Suspected Artists or Handka.

    His trips helped him to improve his artistic work and to enrich a spectrum of disciplines that cover from performance to calligraphy. We can see in his work a big variety of symbols. This personal approach uses expressivity in writing in order to transmit emotions through a mixed technique in which colour is paramount.
    He has carried out important individual projects in relevant institutions located in Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Iran, Japan and Greece. Among his group exhibitions, we would like to mention locations such as Morocco, Europe, Canada, Iran and Palestine.