Sabela Peinado Casal                 

  • I was born in 1988 in A Coruña. When I was five years old I moved with my sister and my mother to England. My father was already there waiting for us and looking for a job and a house in order to support his family. We moved to Essex in the outskirts of London. There, I studied in three diferent schools. We moved four more times. The last place where we were, Hornchurch, was the most important place for me. I spent there my whole childhood and that was the place where I grew up. When I was eleven years old my family and me came back to Galicia. Here I had to learn another language and I had to enroll, again, in sixth grade.

    My obsession with music and art came from my family. I consider my father to be a great artist that taught me everything I admire nowadays. After completing Art High Schook I decided to go to Pontevedra in order to study Fine Arts. It was four years of effort, combining work, studies and a scholarship. Nowawdays I work on my Final Project .