• ananananananan… (vigo, 1969) Today Tuesday, December 27th, 2011, alive. dilettante. Student at Pontevedra School of Art since the acadecmic year 2008-2009.

    (everything leaves a mark)…, my deep gratitude to Enrique Ablanedo. Live and enjoy the microcosmoshazelwoold. Thank you. I always carry a small piece in my pocket. leftovers of piano by Enrique Goberna. Small pieces of piano-apple by Chang-Roock-Mcon. A piano-fossil by Martín Millán. From Fernando López Pan, crime and punishment of the harpsichord. from ignasi Jordà, the first small piece of François Couperin. small pieces of KEY, clavichord miniatures, rigour and music, thanks to Siebe Henstra. some brushstroke stolen from Pierre Hantaï. gifts and teachings of the psín-pson school, from Porto do Son City Council. gifts and learning of the sotto voce microcosmos.

    Some day I will have in my pocket small pieces from BBAA-Ponte-vedra… Rests of affection… others… des autres… otros…outros! The action “Multiverse”: “…e Kan-arte e mecerte do meu” is dedicated to all the people that believe and build a better world, even anonymously.

    “MultiVerso” is gratitude and breath.