PROGRAM 2011                 

  • .Tuesday / 8th / November_____________

    20:00. Devuison. Berio Molina. In collaboration whith María Roja

    .Wednesday / 9th / November________________

    19:00. e Kant-arte e mecerte do meu. anananananan… In collaboration with Alejandra Pombo Suárez.

    20:00. Morocco, guest country. My body between your hands, the world between your hands. Othman Fekraoui. (In joint production with Acción!MAD, Madrid).

    ..Thursday / 10th / November_____________

    11:30.Morocco, guest country. Art in Morocco today. Round table discussion with Othman Fekraoui, Omar Saadoune and Karim Kharbaoui.

    13:00. Morocco, guest country. Degage. Omar Saadoune. (In joint production with Acción!MAD, Madrid).

    18:30. Endless howl. Sabela Peinado Casal.

    19:30: Morocco guest country. Beliefs. Karim Kharbaoui.(In joint production with Acción!MAD, Madrid).

    20:30. Landscape words for 3000 voices. Belen Chorén. In collaboration with Almudena Vidal Varela and Pablo Rodríguez Costas.

    .Friday / 11th / November________________

    20:00: Nyam, nyam. Lucía Peiró. (In joint production with MARCO Museum,Vigo).

    .Sunday / 20th / November ___________

    Chámalle X in USUAL 2011. II Iberian Congress of performance curators. Matadero. Madrid.